5 Product Changes you don’t even Remember by Now

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On the last days of 2018, an accidental release of Instagram new feed set social media on fire.

Angry comments, witty tweets, and raging stories forced Instagram to rollback the update with a big apology about what happened in less than an hour.

People arguing and complaining about a change in feature isn’t something new. People don’t like change.

Actually, they hate it.

So, should you complain about these changes?

Well, in my opinion, you should argue the changes and trying to be as rational as you can instead of going ‘I don’t like the new feed’ or ‘I don’t like the new logo’.

You can say for example that the new feed is not as useful as the previous one or that loses some of each character by becoming more Tinder-like.

Let’s try to put things in perspective with some examples of product changes that made negative waves but you can’t even remember life before those. I tried not to focus on Instagram but has a lot of good relatable examples.

1. Instagram New Logo 📸

Do you even remember the old Instagram logo? Come on, I ‘ll wait for you a little.

Still nothing?

A very cute vintage camera rings any bell? Just check the image below to get a blast from the not so far away past.

Now that you have to get used to the new flashy logo, you remember the old one with a sweet reminiscence but you probably wouldn’t want it back anyway. But that was not the case when the change came out, you can check here the rage following the new logo back in 2016.

2. Facebook Messenger app 💬

Compared to Facebook, Messenger is quite new and on the rise despite Facebook dip on usage for the first time since created. When Facebook decided to force the app users to download and use a different app for chatting with their friends that didn’t get along with users easily.

But nowadays, Messenger is a standalone app that you can have without even having Facebook and along with WhatsApp, they dominate chat usage worldwide and no one is complaining about it anymore!

3. Instagram Direct Messaging 👬

If you are a veteran user of IG, you know what I am talking about. The first version of Direct Messaging came out to IG on 2013. And of course, most people hated it, have a look at the responses to the announcement tweet from Instagram. In retrospect, this was one of biggest turns and milestones for Instagram on its road becoming from a photo-sharing app to the prominent social media that is today.

4. New Gmail UI 📫

Last summer, Gmail users were getting a taste of a completely overhauled, redesigned & modern UI for the Gmail web app.

Well, first impressions varied from “it’s ugly” to “it’s slower” (which it was) to “it’s painful” and anywhere in between.

By the time this blog post is written, most of the people have already embraced the change and can move on with their email business as usual.

5. Instagram Reactions 🎉

One of the latest feature introduced to Instagram Stories were the stories reactions. As you can see here, not everyone was welcoming the feature even though practically was an addition and not a change to an existing feature.

Although complaints about accidental reactions to stories are still coming through if you check Twitter, the overall user attitude to reactions is positive.


Changing a working product or a feature or even introducing completely new features takes courage. And while change is not always for the better, companies should continue to experiment and try new things constantly despite the heat that they are going to receive.

The long-term goal of a change should always stay on top of mind when passing through this ‘Valley of Change’.

With that been said, companies should for their own sake be committed to providing a smooth transition to a new design or feature.

One way is to make the update optional for a certain period, thus giving users some sort of accountability for the change. Another is to roll out the update to certain focus groups to get to a version that is less controversial and lastly you can break the final update to multiple changes over a longer period of time to smoothen the habit changing curve for their users.

Thanks for reading so far and please let me know about your thoughts below. What feature/product change stills bothers you? 🤔

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